I have to pinch myself sometimes

I needed to get outside and enjoy the fall weather so I packed up my laptop and took a stroll down Granville Street. I still consider myself new to Vancouver so I want to take advantage of afternoons like this and explore little hidden gems in my neighbourhood. I holed myself up in a new location of Small Victory, a bakery and cafe which had some amazing airy vibes to match their amazing sweets. I focused so much on working on my next paper that when I finally got up to leave and walked out onto the street, I forgot where I was. I forgot that I am living in Vancouver. I am still in awe of the fact that I can walk down the street and see the sun shining and the mountains beaming behind the downtown sky scrapers. Yes, I know the sun is a luxury. Yesterday after a great hike with friends at Lynn Canyon we spent the afternoon on the North Shore boardwalk. I halted in my steps as we came to the stunning view of the Vancouver skyline and I couldn’t help but be like, “damn Vancouver! I live here.” I hope I never stop having to pinch myself, to bring me back to the reality, that I get to call Vancouver home.

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