New seasons, new changes

The procrastination of paper writing begins. My first graduate school assignment is due next week and I am trying to kill my bad writing habits (using the thesaurus TOO much and using passive voice). Grammarly can only be so helpful.

To provide a quick update of my life in Vancouver, September has been all about establishing a form of routine. What is the best time to wake up at the latest possible moment, and still catch the bus to school? By looking up at the clouds, what is the chance I will need my rain boots today? I’ve been trying to make a name for myself here at school. In an attempt to do this, I am scheduling meetings with any faculty member who may have a remote interest in my research and teaching interests and bore them with my enthusiasm for 30 minutes. Two professors down, many more to go. In reality, though, the other reason why I am trying to sell myself and my ideas is in order to land an amazing supervisor (easier said than done when everyone else is trying to do the exact same thing). I also have tried to establish myself as an active citizen in the community, by blending in, doing as the Vancouverites do. Always bring reusable bags everywhere. Never drink out of a plastic water bottle, or drink from a straw. Check out the farmers’ markets and realize that everything is organic (may just have to stick to locally sourced, on my frugal budget).

Along with my changes on the west coast, I had the opportunity to witness a huge change happen in my best friend’s life. Brogan got married! You can refer to my most recent Instagram post for a snapshot. Yes, that is me on the right (your right, when looking at the picture), I have makeup on. It was such an honour to stand beside (I wrote bedside, instead of beside… you know you are a nurse when) my best friend as her fiancee became the luckiest guy alive. Word of advice though for anyone wanting to take the first-morning flight the day after a wedding, do not do it. Even though it is cheap, doesn’t always mean its the best option. My couch and I became even better acquainted that Sunday afternoon.

I should probably stop using this blog as a form of procrastination. Maybe I can move on to the single dish and glass in the sink, those need washing.

I will be back to blog another post… if I survive my first paper. Wish me luck.


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