Baboons are allowed in the restaurant, monkeys are not allowed in our tent

As we pack our backpacks full of dirty clothes and souvenirs, a family of monkeys tried to enter our tent only to be scared away by the screeches and screams of three sunburnt Canadian girls. Now we are overanxiously listening to every move they make as they move like acrobats from one tent to the next. Our towel covering the little hole where the zippers doesn’t close probably won’t keep us safe for long. They are surrounding our tent, probably going to hold us hostage through dinner. What a way to starve. Thankfully we have some protein bars left. These monkeys look cute but oh are they little devils.

Baboons walking into the restaurant was one thing, but monkeys trying to steal all of our cute clothes and cuddle in bed with us – not okay.

We have made it to the lobby with no issues. All is good!



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