Lake Elemen”tata”?

Our first days on safari have been breathtaking. We were sad to leave the beautiful accommodations of the Residence at Karen only to be floored by our personal cottage overlooking Lake EElementaia at the Sunbird Lodge.

We got up close and personal with giraffes at the Giraffe Centre. When I go get my lashes done I’ll ask for eyelashes like a giraffe, super jealous. Recieved some rough exfoliation on my lips when I shared a kiss with their long grey tongue. Basically had a mud bath at the Elephant Orphange as we slipped and slid through the mud wearing the most inappropriate shoes. The 28 elephants that were being cared for before their rehabilitation out in the wild were the cutest thing, having milk out of a bottle and throwing mud in my hair with their trunk.

Yesterday we began our true safari with a game drive at Lake Nakuru National Park. The Rift Valley is an absolutely incredible place. We were able to see rhinos, zebra, impalas, giraffes and baboons right beside our landrider! The lion king soundtrack played on repeat in my head. We saw Pumba which means dumb in swahili because apparently wort hogs are not that intelligent.

Today we say goodbye to the Sunbird Lodge and make our way to the Maasai Mara Nature Reserve!



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