3 Canadians + Charles our safari guide = personalized safari

Today begins our safari journey through Kenya. We have spent the last day and a half at the gorgeous Residences at Karen a golf and country club fit for royalty. We had our own personal cottage with stone and vaulted ceilings, a full shower with water pressure and an always flushing toilet. After two weeks of those things being questionable at best you truly start to appreciate the little things. After two weeks of waking up at 0530 and being go go go it was nice to not have an alarm and the ability to just sit by the pool and get totally sunburnt with a tusker in hand and perfectly crisp fries.

Food has been delectable and a 180 change from the Indian rice naan I lived by for two weeks. Laura is literally freaking out about the freshly squeezed orange juice right now at breakfast.

We say goodbye to our princess canopy bed and the beautiful terrace and head to the Giraffe Centre, Elephant Orphange, and the Karen Blixen Museum.

Can’t wait to kiss a giraffe. It’ll be my first kiss in a long time. Have to resort to the animal variety these days.

Ciao from Krista, Becca and Laura

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