High ten high ten high ten

Our eleventh day of clinic has come to an end. That’s it. I feel like I’m going to wake up tomorrow to get my scrub top on and we will be waking up early to pile into the van to start the ten hour trip to Niarobi. Most of the group will be on a plane to Zurich. Laura, Becca and I will be extending our stay in Kenya for a week long safari. Now that we have experiences the beauty of the people in Kenya we will have the chance to take in the beauty of the Kenyan landscape.

The final days of clinic have been located adjacent to a school. I put my child and youth studies cap back on and got dirty with the kids running, dancing and singing. Many of them were mesmerized just to touch white skin. They copied everything I did, from putting my hands on my hip to yelling “Simon says” during Simon Says. They may just remember me for teaching them the sprinkler and the macarena, or because of my skin colour but I will remember these kids for much more than that.

Excited to get the second half of our African adventure underway. On the Niarobi!



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