Clinic Day 1

Our first day of clinic has come to an end. Four hundred people seen in 6 hours. The countless number of children that stole my heart were endless. Working in the triage area I was able to meet so many thankful individuals that traveled near and far to receive care. I haven’t taken a manual blood pressure since first year, so that took a person or two to get used to again.

The countless number of kids were rewormed outside the building we worked and sexual health teaching was provided to young girls.

By the middle of the afternoon the young children were swarming around the donated toy luggage hoping and begging for a toy or something that could call there own. As a method of distraction I gathered the children and brought them outside to play. It was like a swan followed by her ducklings as my supervisor recalled. Teaching them duck duck goose was a mistake, because I proceeded to lose 5 times in a row because they ran way faster than me.

Working as a team today was so rewarding. Assisting Becca with a dressing for a bleeding laceration on a man’s forehead, my co nurses accurately dispensing and giving out medications, to our Kenyan volunteers who made translation and conversation much simpler.

I am really excited for clinic day 2 and to meet more of the lovely people in Kenya!



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