Grad School Purgatory is finally over!


The wait is over!!

I was beginning to freak out. Just ask any one of my friends. In the middle of March, I literally started googling “acceptance to grad school” stumbled across this blog about Grad School Purgatory 

The Grad Student Blog

and her positive story about receiving her acceptance helped for maybe 5 minutes before my mind continued to race about what ifs, what if I don’ts.

I submitted my application for graduate studies at the University of British Columbia back in November after working on my Statement of Interest since August (I know, I was intense). Considering UBC was the only school I applied to, to pursue my Masters of Science in Nursing, I kinda really wanted to get in. More than kinda really, more like if I didn’t get in I would probably question many of my life choices. I had been using positive talk about my acceptance and hypothetical life in Vancouver for quite a long time now, and if I didn’t get in, then I would have just looked like an idiot, talking about a life that literally was not happening.

But alas –

After an exhausting drive back home from Sudbury, traveling in a car for 10 hours in only a day in a half I was ready to just chill with my dog for 5 minutes. One of the things about driving for a prolonged period of time is the lack of wifi, which can be a blessing or a curse. Considering my Gmail account only updates with emails when I am in wifi, the moment I entered the house and took off my jacket a slew of emails flooded my inbox. One notification after another.

I am sure you can imagine my elated disbelief when one of the emails that flooded my Gmail was my acceptance to study full time at UBC for a Masters of Science in Nursing. Commence the ugly joyful weeping, making it look like someone died. I am an emotional person, and for those who have seen my NCLEX passing letter video, you will know I am an ugly crier (if you haven’t, then maybe I will post it). For all of five minutes, I was on my knees weeping, alone, with my dog Bailey looking very confused about my well being. I am sure you can picture it now.

So now the real fun begins: how to not be jobless and homeless in the most expensive city in Canada. If any of you have suggestions or tips about this process, feel free to contact me.

Ciao Ciao!






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