About me

Hi All!

My name is Krista. I’m born and raised in the Hammer (Hamilton, Ontario) and am proud to see how this city has flourished and turned into the Brooklyn of Toronto. I am starting this blog for myself as a web journal of my travels and my experiences in the coming months ahead.

The title of my blog is thanks to wooden crates that were side by side at Marshalls one evening, and it truly spoke to me and my life. I find that this pull between what we want to do and what we are actually capable of doing because of life circumstance is a feeling that many people can relate to.

I look forward to you following me on my journey and I hope you enjoy. My goal is to be as real as possible, with some comedy, lightheartedness and local flair and culture in the experiences that I write about.

Feel free to contact me on my Contact Me page and, or follow me on Instagram.

Ciao Ciao!